Meet The New Bitcoin Rock Star Christopher Giancarlo

Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin - Meet The New Bitcoin's Rock Star CFTC's J. Christopher Giancarlo. The strange thing happened on the way to a decentralized digital currency revolution: the police - regulators - seem to have giant accidents from giant bites.

bitcoin's new rock star

Bitcoin's New Rock Star: CFTC's J. Christopher Giancarlo

Less than 24 hours after the bitcoin price decline of 65 percent, hysteria from all directions, no less than one person, Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo brought the hope of the pearl society gripping the pearl.

Bitcoin Hero, J. Christopher Giancarlo

No one in the ecosystem is happy because the two major bitcoin regulators, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the CFTC chair head to the United States Senate for a trial in front of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee. The problem is the future of the rules, and because of that luck it must have been a giant dump and the US stock market also dropped the day before. Politicians like to throw themselves out of crisis, and this is the year of the election, the perfect storm for headlines like "crackdown" seems to be brewing.
And then it does not happen.
Giancarlo tweet about bitcoin

J. Christopher Giancarlo

The information published the previous night speaks in a somewhat reasonable position, if government regulations are assumed, on the part of both agencies. But that does not mean the two men will not fold once the question comes from the senate. There is still much to worry about.

And then it does not happen again.
Giancarlo as avatar for bitcoin

J. Christopher Giancarlo like an Avatar

As the opening statement from the CFTC chair J. Christopher Giancarlo met the microphone, something extraordinary happened: experienced regulators looked human. He spoke of deep empathy that swept through his personal experience, one in which his children and extended family were involved with bitcoin. That, he says, is a time to appreciate their enthusiasm, not to confuse them with the concepts of cheating or popular crime. He then even incorporated the "Hodl" neologism into the formal congress recordings.
Where did this guy come from?
The 58-year-old Obama-appointed promoter in advanced fashion frames took over his slot in 2014, long before the future of bitcoin so shone in anyone's eyes. He was born and raised in New Jersey, and finally got his juris doctorate before getting a private executive venue, mostly related to software and technology.

Christopher Giancarlo at Bankings, Housing and Urban Committee

He is married, has three children, and playing banjo well enough to have it recorded and become part of a band. His remarks on February 6, embedded here, are worth listening to in context. Obviously he understands the import of bitcoin, his interests, even if he feels unconvinced about his future and his agency's leading role in shaping the asset forward.

And maybe too much like his positive statement and bitcoin price correlation rebounded a few minutes after he said it. Maybe. But the man owns a 1973 Buick car. Your argument is invalid.

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