Bitcoin Price Falls Free in Early February 2018

Bistcoin Cash Bitcoin - Bitcoin Price Falls Free in Early February 2018. The cryptocurrency market suffered a new low in February first because almost all digital assets fell by 3-20 percent.

Since last week in December 2017, the core core market (BTC / USD) sees a continuous downward spiral that has not been seen since 2014. Currently BTC is desperately trying to climb above the $9K area at $8,950 but the buying pressure shows signs - a sign of some flat trading volume across the board.
bitcoin price falls free in early february 2018

News: Bitcoin Price Falls Free in Early February 2018

BTC / USD Market Viewing Dumps Most Continuous Price Since 2014. Last week's digital assets were at a crossroads and many bitcoin traders were expecting one of two scenarios - whether the sadness was over, or the market would continue to slide in value.

Trading volume has weakened this week as the global market traded only $8-10Bn during the 24-hour trading interval.

bollinger bands bitcoin

Source: Bitcoin - Bollinger Bands (BTC / USD Coinbase) are getting tighter indicating another major movement is imminent.

japanese yen controls for bitcon

Source: Bitcoin - The Japanese Yen controls the most trade volume with the currency on February 1, 2018.

Five exchanges exchange the most BTC including Okex, Bitfinex, Binance, Bitflyer, and Upbit. The BTC trade with USD has dropped significantly since last week as the Japanese yen is now leading the position of the highest currency pair. Yen led by 47.8 percent followed by USD (29%), tether (USDT 9%), euro (7%) and Korean won (2.7%). South Korea's won with BTC has fallen dramatically over the past two weeks. The most widely traded digital asset according to Shapeshift is ethereum (ETH).

Technical Indicators. The BTC / USD technical indicator shows the decentralized digital assets have removed most of the increase for an average of sixty days. Cryptocurrencies suffer the most continuous losses since 2014, and traders are unsure about 'true market value'.

Two Simple Moving Averages both short-term (100 SMA) and long term (200 SMA) have reassembled in January 30. The 200 SMA is well above the short-term 100 trendline that indicates a relentless bear continues to push the value towards the downside.
rsi stoch levels bitcoin

Source: Bitcoin - RSI and Stochastic on February 1st, 2018

Currently RSI and Stochastic have room to move north, and the spike can fit in the cards today. Bollinger bands are very tight that indicate a rebound like elastic can also play for the next 48 hours. However, traders believe this is likely to be a bull trap with current market sentiment and predictions to hit the region of a lower $8K ($8,200-8,400).

The order book shows some important foundations between $8,900 to $8,200 if everything keeps coming down to the back side. On the other hand, the way to the top has little resistance throughout the journey back to the $10K area.

bitcoin to usd

Source: Bitcoin - At the time of the market press BTC / USD desperately trying to surpass the $9K price hovering around $8,950.

Cryptocurrency Market, Generally, View Main Loss Except Ethics. The cryptocurrency market, in general, is all red in some digital assets. The value of etereum has been strongest for the past two weeks even calmly touching the all-time high. Currently the second highest capitalization held by ethereum shows the market down 4.9 percent because one ETH has an average price of $1,050.
The second highest score still has a ripple (XRP) but the market is down 12.4 percent, and XRP is $ 0.98 per coin. Bitcoin cash (BCH) follows the downtrend as well as the BCH market down 13.2 percent with an average of $1.285 per token. Finally, Cardano ADA dropped significantly, with prices seeing a percentage loss of about 16 percent. Cardanos is worth 0.42 per ADA at the time of publication.
market caps for cryptocurrency

Source: Bitcoin - Every digital asset suffers a significant loss in profits. Ethereum (ETH) has performed better than most over the past seven days.

Great Sword of U.S. Investor Switch to Equity Market for Tax Discounts, While Crypto-Traders Try to Predict the Next Big Price of Moving

Market sentiment across the board is currently very bearish, and many traders expect the $8K lowerbound zone to occur. Many believe that most cryptoes are in deep search for a 'fair market' value after rising so fast two months ago. In addition to trading volumes the USD is a bit heavily traded but since the U.S. tax cuts recently for the stock market, the new money is likely to jump to the investment vehicle. With special incentives for tax cuts, the U.S. stock market has been on fire since this week's announcement. Furthermore, there is no negative news related to crypto, and the exciting news does not seem to be in the pipeline right now. For now, some speculators believe that prices can still fall to $5-7K per BTC while others think there will likely be a big rebound in the current favorable position or about $8,200-8,400 if prices fall.

Where do you see BTC prices and other digital assets from here? Do you think cryptococcus will see more profits? Let us know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Market pricing and updates articles are intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered as trade advice.

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